Could You Sponsor The Artist?

Being an unknown artist, I find it an uphill struggle to sell my creations, even though I have been told they have commendable and unique artistic merit.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to survive as a self-employed artist whilst meeting the costs of materials and everyday living expenses.

I have therefore resorted to this rather drastic measure of appealing to lovers of art out there for help and support.

I am looking for sponsors who could either make a small donation or offer any help, maybe some work.

I have devised the Artistic Delights Website to showcase my creations but things are rather slow in taking off and sales are very few and far between.  I fear that if sales do not pick up soon I will have to give up my cherished idea of making my living from art.

Please note that everything you see within the pages of Artistic Delights has been created by myself.

If you feel my work is worthy of support and you could make a small donation, you can do so by clicking the PayPal link below for which I would be most grateful.  You can donate anonymously or the PayPal form enables you to leave me a message, your e.mail address or any other information if you so wish.

Many Thanks