Truly Stunning Pendant - Beaded -Hand-crafted/hand-painted
Material: Stone-cast - Scale: 2" Long x 1.5" Wide

Associated with the great Sun-God, Khepri, the scarab was by far the most important amulet in ancient Egypt and symbolically as sacred to the Egyptians as the cross is to Christians.  Scarabs were believed to enhance the power of the wearer before, during and after death.

Carvings were used as amulets or charms and these objects were believed to be imbued with magical powers that provided good things for the owner and ward off evil.

Deceased Pharaohs were adorned with a heart or winged scarab to provide a safe journey into the after-world of the gods.  Symbolizing the Sun-God and therefore, self-generation, rebirth and transformation, the belief was that the scarab could stimulate the deceased's heart to life

and that he/she could make changes into whatever his/her heart desired.

The power of the scarab did not go unnoticed outside Egypt's borders.   Numerous scarabs have been found in Palestine and other areas of the Near East, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, Greece and elsewhere, verifying the spread of Egyptian religious and magical beliefs way beyond its borders.

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Harness The Power Of The Magical Egyptian Scarab
For Good Health, Luck and Love