An awe inspiring

3D wall plaque

One of todays greatest

mysteries is the reported

strange entities

sightings of these

another world?

Are they from

in our subconscious?

Do they only live

future selves?

Or are they our

You Decide!

Its eyes are filled with the mysteries of our planet

Stonehenge. The Pyramids. Easter Island.
The Dragon. Dolphins. Inca, Aztec and Egyptian art. 

The Eye of Horus. The Serpent.
The Sun, Moon and Stars.
Standing Stones.

It knows our past.

Does it know our future?

Wall Plaque ready for hanging. 10" height x 7" width at widest point. 
A very limited edition.  Not mass produced.
Stonecast and hand-crafted/hand-painted by the artist.

+ 15 postage and packing to locations within the United Kingdom.

United States and Worldwide Orders:
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This item will need to be made to order as they are individually crafted - not factory produced.  Please order by contacting me at